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Recent Project – Confucianism and Anime

Nov 12, 2009 No Comments

Haven’t had much time to post lately; been focused on some off-line activities. I am writing an article for an issue of Asianetwork Journal on the ways we can see Confucian values at work in Shonen anime, especially Naruto and Bleach. I’ve presented on this in the past, but haven’t put it down into an […]

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Roland Kelts – Anime at UMSL

Oct 13, 2009 No Comments

Roland Kelts talking about Murakami Takashi’s “Superflat” aesthetic and the differences between Japanese and American art styles. Especially poignant is the contrast between hanga and Superman. The next clip I post will examine Pokemon and Hello Kitty! Stay tuned! (Can I say that on the Internet?) For more information on Superflat, see the Hiroki Azuma […]

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Paprika Panel

Oct 05, 2009 No Comments

After Paprika, we had a panel discussion featuring Patrick Drazen, Roland Kelts, Fred Schodt, and Jeni Prough. Having these experts all together discussing Paprika at UMSL capped off a tremendously fun day. Tweet

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