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Uchimura Kanzō’s “Consolations”

Sep 19, 2016 No Comments by

One of the texts I am working through for my dissertation is Uchimura Kanzō’s Consolations of a Christian. It has never  been translated into English before, outside of the two chapters I have translated recently (and a few bits here and there by John Howes and others.) One of the things I have discovered is just how […]

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空中庭園 (Hanging Garden) and 空白 (Kûhaku) as social commentary

Feb 10, 2010 No Comments by

In class, I had my students read Chin Music Press’ excellent Kûhaku and other stories from Japan (2004) paired up with watching “Hanging Garden” or Kûchû Teien (2005). Where Kûhaku gives a broad spectrum of personal narratives concerning Japan, from both native and gaijin perspectives, Kûchû Teien is kind of a Japanese “FUBU” (For Us, […]

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Recent Project – Confucianism and Anime

Nov 12, 2009 No Comments by

Haven’t had much time to post lately; been focused on some off-line activities. I am writing an article for an issue of Asianetwork Journal on the ways we can see Confucian values at work in Shonen anime, especially Naruto and Bleach. I’ve presented on this in the past, but haven’t put it down into an […]

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