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Turning East and Back again

Mar 26, 2009 No Comments

I’ve been reading Harvard Divinity School Professor Harvey Cox’ 1977 book, Turning East. He discusses some of the reasons American youth of the 70’s were looking towards the spirituality of Asia. One of his positions is that the “dropping out” of the 1960’s left many feeling empty. Many who dropped-out with drugs still craved the […]

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Religious Continuity

Sep 23, 2008 1 Comment

Across the board, it is hard to deny certain continuities of East Asian folk religion. In Taiwan, some so-called “Daoist” rituals are very much akin to those described in The Life and Hard Times of a Korean Shaman delves into Korean folk religion. Spirit mediums (media?) are posessed by the spirits of ancestors or other […]

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Mexican Shinigami – Santa Muerte

Aug 19, 2008 6 Comments

The other day, I was helping one of our faculty in the Center for Hispanic Studies publish a narrated web presentation, a good portion of it concerning God’s First Commandment: You shall have no other gods before [YHWH], as found in the book of Exodus, chapter 20. Many of the slides contained familiar imagery, but […]

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