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“Jiro Dreams of Sushi” – Introduction

Mar 11, 2012 No Comments by

If you are interested in seeing “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, you might like to know more about this film’s connection to Japanese culture. The following is a short introduction I wrote after screening the film this week. Imagine, if you will, day in, day out doing the same exact job.  Imagine performing the same tasks […]

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Box Men in the 21st Century

Apr 10, 2010 No Comments by

One of the key questions we can ask ourselves today is regarding what it means to be human. Somehow, after the Enlightenment, many modernists lost sight of true humanity. Instead of asking how to live authentically, philosophers and literati began g questions about how to live perfectly. Instead of understanding the truth of the human […]

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Facebook blunders, Anime, and Nekulturny

Mar 30, 2010 No Comments by

Over the weekend, a New Hampshire state representative, Nikolas Levasseur made some ridiculous commentary on Facebook, saying that “Anime is the reason just 2 nukes wasn’t enough.” Now, of course, for some, to be upset over this comment will be another example of oversensitivity and politically-correct responses to an ill-thought out, idiotic statement. But looking […]

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