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New Research on 1920’s China

Sep 25, 2009 1 Comment

I have never seen this before in print or online…this is something quite rare and exciting that we’ve recently unearthed. The Concordia Historical Institute has a great collection of artifacts, photos, posters, and writings from the China missions of the LCMS from 1920’s – 1954. Here is a little video I shot of an anti-opium […]

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Good articles on Adbusters

Aug 26, 2009 1 Comment

Roland Kelts has written a new article on Adbusters called “The Soul of Japan.” Kelts discusses the nature of Japanese popular culture, and connects some intriguing dots: Japan, being conquered by the USA, then officially occupied, followed up by years of US forces being present throughout Japan, has made Japan have a “little brother” complex, […]

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Great article on “Moe” and the 2-D complex

Jul 28, 2009 No Comments

Lisa Katayama, author of the blog has a terrific article on Otaku culture at Here’s an excerpt: Nisan is part of a thriving subculture of men and women in Japan who indulge in real relationships with imaginary characters. These 2-D lovers, as they are called, are a subset of otaku culture— the obsessive […]

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