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Manga used for PR by US navy?

Daily Yomiuri Weekend edition covers a very interesting story: the US Navy created a manga to help increase the image and sense of comfort surrounding the September arrival of the USS George Washington, the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier to come into Yokosuka bay after the departure of the USS Kitty Hawk last May.

More coverage from last June here at MotherJones.comand at Let’s Japan

Too bad the cover art is lame. PR or PRopaganda? You decide.

Click here for the PDF download.

Confucius’ Analects in MANGA form!

This just in:
The Standard has a story on a Hong Kong artist who is working on creating the Analects in Manga form! Just as I am starting to read Timothy Spence’s account of Matteo Ricci’s work with the Neo-Cons (Confucians, that is.)

(The above image is from a DVD about Confucius)


Culturecom, one of Hong Kong’s three largest comics publishers for over 30 years, is collaborating with Confucius Institute in the project.

In an interview with The Standard, Culturecom general manager (comics) Banneth Chau Ka-hang said Chinese cultural themes have been the most popular comical themes in the world.


Here’s an interesting article on Scanlators – folks who nuke their import manga to soften the glue, remove the pages, scan, then photoshop in translations into the manga themselves, then distribute on the internet

From Hello Baby - Hakujin Subs

Not that I’d ever help anyone *cough* with any *cough* translation projects like this.

Essentially, this article shows the scanlator’s argument that they are brining manga to the USA or other English speaking countries that would never otherwise come. A large portion of what gets released here is initially scanlated; there is a direct connection between the popularity of a scanlatoin, and what gets published.