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Sep 25, 2009 No Comments

Ok…so while I am getting ready to discuss post-modern Japanese societal trends in the Otaku world next week, I have another project that has also captured my imagination. I’ve been helping prepare the He Qi exhibit coming to Saint Louis at Concordia Seminary in mid-October. Since it’s to be housed in the Concordia Historical Institute, […]

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Good articles on Adbusters

Aug 26, 2009 1 Comment

Roland Kelts has written a new article on Adbusters called “The Soul of Japan.” Kelts discusses the nature of Japanese popular culture, and connects some intriguing dots: Japan, being conquered by the USA, then officially occupied, followed up by years of US forces being present throughout Japan, has made Japan have a “little brother” complex, […]

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Need Japanese business acumen?

Jul 10, 2009 No Comments

You don’t ever want to forget your place or type of relationship in Japanese society. Tweet

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