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Roland Kelts – Anime at UMSL


Roland Kelts talking about Murakami Takashi’s “Superflat” aesthetic and the differences between Japanese and American art styles. Especially poignant is the contrast between hanga and Superman. The next clip I post will examine Pokemon and Hello Kitty! Stay tuned! (Can I say that on the Internet?)

For more information on Superflat, see the Hiroki Azuma article here.

The Floating World of Ukiyo-e

I went to the Ukiyo-e exhibit at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC in December of 2001 with some of the other students and an instructor from Wash U. I had filmed what was being presented, but forgot all about the tapes. Digging through my stuff for a video to use as a test encode, I discovered the old VHS-C tape that I was using back then. After ripping the video to iMovie through the DV bridge I was testing, I slapped some music I’ve written on it for a soundtrack and posted it to YouTube. Hope you’ll enjoy!