This is the icon for the iPhone WWWJDIC appI’ve been involved in a project to create an iPhone application recently, and now the application is available at the iTunes store. This app allows a user to have a free Japanese dictionary on the iPhone or iPod touch (with iPhone OS 2.0.) The WWWJDIC dictionary, created by Jim Breen at Monash U. in Australia has long been an excellent tool for text translation, Kanji and word lookup via various methodologies. We wanted to make this dictionary easily accessible as we were spending gobs of time with Nelson’s dictionary looking up obscure kanji in our studies of the book of Mark in the Shin Kyodo Yaku Bible translation. What I love about the app is that you can use the Chinese-Traditional stroke input method to draw kanji with your finger and then perform a lookup.

I want to thank Matt Kobs for all the hard work he did in coding as well as George C. for his photoshop skills. I only played a small part in envisioning the concept as well as creative direction and testing.

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